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Shokugeki no Soma 214 Spoiler

12 May. 2017 ·  mangaspoil  ·  Shokugeki no Soma

Anne tells Nene to eat her own Soba. After tasting her own Soba, she realizes that the Soba's scent isn’t as strong as usual.

She panics and tries out Soma’s dish, and for some reason the flavour is far superior. 

Nene is confused and claims that all of the steps were correctly executed. 

According to Alice, the difference in flavour happened because of the room temperature’s impact 

Alice’s Science Lecture:

Alice explains that volatile aldehyde is what produces the scent of the Soba and in a colder temperature, the volatility is reduced. And apparently, this venue is a harsh environment to produce Soba. 

While choosing the flour, Soma realized the scent is weaker than usual. So that’s why he chose the third flour that brings out the best scent possible.  

Isshiki points out to Nene that she probably didn’t even put the second or third flour into consideration.

Isshiki: You were always a girl who learned everything with honesty…in other words….you are merely repeating the things you learned without even trying to look at the bigger picture…Will the Soba I am going to make be enjoyed by everybody? Will the flavour really convince everybody? The fact that you didn’t even ask those questions is the very reason why you lost to Soma. 

Nene questions how Soma is capable to come up with such ideas in a fierce environment like a Shokugeki.

Soma: Huh? What are you talking about? Serving customers on a daily basis is like a serious battle. It’s natural that I can do it. 

Nene: I can’t…beat you…(Both as a cook but also as a Craftsman)

Soma wins the battle. 

After admitting her own defeat, Nene tries out Soma’s Soba one more time. Her clothes blew off after trying out Soma’s dish.

Soma: Happy to serve!!! 




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